Captain Archer makes Dad Jokes even when he’s mad


Trip:  Captain, I couldn’t finish fixing the warp engines, I need you to give me more time!

Captain Archer:  No excuses Trip!  I expected more from you.  Get back to work and get those engines running my tomorrow.

Trip:  But Captain-

Archer:  DID YOU JUST CALL ME “BUTT CAPTAIN?”  That’s it, Trip!  I’m revoking your replicator privileges. Now get to work!

Trip:  Yes sir.

Archer:  Heheheheh!  ”Butt captain!”  I still got it!


These SNL Star Trek parodies are the best.


the year is 2267. mankind has achieved beyond light speed capabilities and has risen to the center of a thriving intergalactic community. despite all these achievements, the tumblr video player still does not work.


The Regenerators: Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and Colin Baker

  1. The Life Of An Egg
  2. I Just Want To Play My Spoons
  3. Fuck You, Crocs Are Cool
  4. Let Me Bring My Dildo
  5. I Hate Celery
  6. Pussy (Cat) Lover
  7. Nails Up My Nose
  8. I Enjoy An Occasional Cake
  9. High As Fuck

This has to have been done before. Oh well. All three “members” have three songs based on them. It’s not hard to figure out which ones. 

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